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Help us breakdown barriers and bring hope to people with disabilities!

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In low-resourced areas of Guatemala, people with disabilities often don’t have access to medical equipment

Left in bed, unable to go to school or work, people feel hopeless, left out on the fringes of society. Well-meaning individuals can often make things worse by donating improper equipment or appointing untrained caregivers.

We believe every person with a disability deserves an opportunity to be included in the life of their local community.

Jonathan Biggers Kneels next to a girl in a wheelchair
Jonathan & Kristi Biggers

Jonathan (ATP) & Kristi (RN, BSN) Biggers

We’ve Seen It Firsthand

Jonathan has worked with people in wheelchairs for many years, and Kristi is a registered nurse with over a decade of medical experience. While pastoring a local church, we’ve gone on dozens of medical missions to Central America & East Africa.

Through our work as spiritual leaders and medical professionals, we keep seeing lives transformed through holistic, Gospel-centered ministry.

A great organization has invited us to Guatemala to expand their clinical & spiritual care. Our church is graciously sending our family out to bring the hope of Jesus to those suffering from disabilities.

Jonathan Biggers in Guatemala with two individuals in wheelchairs

“Invite the poor and crippled and blind and lame.” – Jesus

Here’s how we meet physical and spiritual needs in Guatemala:

Facilitating Better Care

We help provide durable mobility equipment for individuals with disabilities throughout Guatemala.

Sharing the Good News

Through follow-up care & equipment maintenance, we have multiple touchpoints for sharing the Gospel.

Certifying Care Providers

We will multiply our effectiveness by training others in proper assistive technology & medical care.

Would you help us reach more children & families throughout Guatemala?

We are raising funds for our programs & projects in the coming year.

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What People are Saying:

We’re scheduled to depart for Guatemala during the first part of 2024. The sooner we fund this mission, the sooner we can finalize plans and make our move.

Help us bring HOPE!

Imagine being included in your community for the first time

Through your generosity, we’ll breakdown barriers and bring hope to individuals with disabilities throughout Guatemala.

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